Why Abortion


     What is abortion?  A lot of talk

has been going on lately about abortion.  What is so great about it, that it should be on so many

people’s lips.  What does the word mean? 

Does it mean anything to you, that

 our population is being destroyed

on purpose. 

Why do not mothers want to care

for their own baby?  The least you

can do is give it to some one who

does want it and not kill it and call yourself a murderer the rest of

your life. 

     Now days a person looks at

those around them and follows

what they see without a thought of

the consequences.  When a mother

destroys her baby she is being an example to others and teaching

those around her that it is the

thing to do to have an abortion

and it is what you are suppose to

do just because others are doing it.

     The miscarriage is an abortion

that is not on purpose.  Lots of

girls have miscarriage. 

This is not their doing all the time.

 But we are told by the doctors,

that contraceptives can upset the system and the cycle and cause the

miscarriage so in this way we can prevent a miscarriage.  Using the contraceptive takes away the

privilege of God to choose what

cells he wants to make a new

human life with. 

Who are we, to decide which cells

are to live and which are to die. 

We do not know God’s plan for

the next human life.  Why does the

woman want to upset her body

and put it under the control of

Satan.  Satan invented the contraceptives.  It is in his plan to

distort human life and kill it.  God never intended for females to put

all these contraceptive devises in

the body.  What a waste of time

and money and life.  

     Contraceptives are an abortion in an earlier time of the life of the baby.  A darling baby created by God.  At any time of life the killing

is still the same and is taking the

life of the baby.

    The Lord expects us to use self-control and temperance in every

part of our life.  God has given us

Ten Commandments that are right to

the point.  They are so simple that

a child can read ‘not to kill.’  The

life that is in you is not to be

destroyed by you or any devise or

other being.  It is all taking away

life no matter how big it is.  Soon

we will be judged and find out

how horrible this sin is in the sight

 of God.

      So soon as someone says he is

not convicted, in so many words,

he is saying I don’t love you

God I want to do my own thing. 

When in reality he is not doing his

own thing at all, but doing Satan’s bidding.  There are only two ways

to go, the right way or the wrong

way,  God’s way or the Devil’s

way.  There is no other way.  We

can only be saved in God’s

appointed way. 

 We cannot pick and choose which

part of the Bible we want or do not want.  We take it all and belong to Jesus or we belong to the Devil.

It is just that simple.  Please go all the way with Jesus then you can spend all the eternal ages with Him forever.

--------------------------------------------         A Message to Our Physicians    

                      PG 14


"My message will become more and more

pointed, as was the message of John the

Baptist, even though it cost me my life.

The people shall not be deceived.”