Food For The Mind



What food we feed our mind is a power to effect the body very strongly.  All the body organs are responding to their work through the influences and control of the mind.  If the mind feeds on good thoughts and sights then it will function much better as it does when there is the best quality of fruits and vegetables introduced into the stomach.

     Therefore, the TV is too be very wisely controlled or thrown out if it is not screened well, which is to be tedious in every way.  The devil wants to fill the mind with his thoughts and pictures.  A picture puts a lot of ideas into our head and they are there not to be erased.  The brain stores everything whether we like it or not, and it keeps popping up before our minds eye.  These pictures so dramatically presented keep forcing themselves to the front and can truly be overwhelming and drown out whatever good there may be trying to take root. Is it worth it to waste time in front of the TV when there are so many more important things to be accomplished.

     When walking down the street what are the eyes focused on?  We do not want a careless deliberate outlook for the bad pictures and magazines, or for the individuals who are immodestly attired.  We are to be alert to the temptations and evil around us and make a conscious effort to keep the mind in prayer, asking for strength to resist temptation. Keep the Bible promises repeating through the memory for power from on high.

     The way the image of God in man is being degraded is through the prevalence of cartoons and so-called funny books.  God did not make man ugly.  If a person is not the best looking person he is not to be blamed for it but that person can be a beautiful person by developing a Christ filled life with His character reproduced in him.  It is because of sin that man is so degraded and many times deformed but it is not necessarily that individual’s fault or sin.  Only beauty is in the image of God and He want to transform us into that image. 

     It is the people who do not believe in God who want to turn the little children from their Maker, who are developing the cartoons in such abundance.  They want to control the children and have them to believe as they want them to believe.

     The make-up on the face is not of God’s order or plan and He did not tell us to paint our face.  It invites the devil to take control.  It never made anyone beautiful.  It is harmful to the health as well, with all the chemicals that are added to it, it can cause many terrible diseases and disorders.  Wearing make-up is an influence to the minds of the beholder and is feeding other minds with your actions.  We certainly will not wear it in heaven, so do not let it keep you out of heaven.