Everyone has his own desires for what he wants to eat.  Some people are allergic to certain things and cannot eat them, even if thy like them.  God gave us the power to choose.

   The daily thing to do, is to eat or we become famished and cannot have the energy to do our work.  We are to ask the Lord for our bread each day as well as our other needs.

   But the facts are that the devil has got people eating at all times of the day and eating lots of things that should never enter the mouth as well as eating way too much food.  Even too much good food is not good.  We need to eat at regular times.  If we don’t the stomach is over worked and wears


    There are so many fast food stops and cafes and restaurants.  Everywhere you look there is food advertisements and food for sale.  The fragrance goes out in the air to tempt people and make them think they are hungry.

   There are so many artificial foods and junk food and things that have very low nutrient value.  These kinds of food are filling up the stomach and starving the people and at the same time poisoning the body and causing disease.

     So the answer is to eat just the right amount of food of God’s Eden diet.  Jesus wants to give us victory over the evil habit of appetite so we can overcome sin.  


     The body is the temple of God and we are to put only the right amount of the good things God has created into His temple body so the Holy Spirit can guide us into all truth.  This way He can give us wisdom and understanding.

   Here is the promise He has given for He wants us to be victorious.

     “The controlling power of appetite will prove the ruin of thousands, who, if they had conquered on this point, would have had moral power to gain the victory over every other temptation.  But those who are slaves to appetite will fail of perfecting Christian character.  The continual transgression of man for over six thousand years has brought sickness, pain and death as its fruit.  And as we draw near the close of time, Satan’s temptations to indulge appetite will be more powerful, and more difficult to resist.”


 Christian Temperance and Bible Hygiene,

p 154.


So now we see here, God has promised  if  we

overcome appetite we can overcome every other




There should be no eating between meals, and at least five hours should be allowed to elapse between the meals. Indigestion is the result of food taken into the stomach before the digestive organs have had time to dispose of the foregoing meal.

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