Inflammation Of Lungs



     What is the disease to which the lungs are most liable?  

     Inflammation of the lungs, called in its various stages and manifestations, pneumonia, pneumonitis, lung fever, pleurisy, etc. The main cause producing it is exposing the body to extremes of temperature, unequal exposure of the body, cold or wet feet, exposing the body to cold or wet, when it is exhausted either by over-exertion, or loss of sleep. The tepid wet-sheet pack is good in such cases to allay the fever on the surface of the body. Pain or oppression in breathing, or soreness in the lungs, may be relieved by the compress, made of a linen cloth of two or more thicknesses, wet and placed over the lungs, with sufficient dry flannel over it to occasion a slight perspiration. This should be wet several times a day. In a violent attack of lung complaint, if possible, immediately get the aid of some one of experience in the use of water. But it is better to studiously avoid all those causes which are liable to induce diseases of the lungs. Keep your feet warm and dry, your head cool, get a proper amount of rest every day, and labor within your strength, always avoiding exhaustion of vital power as much as possible. The thirst which attends a fever, is a demand of nature. This demand should be supplied by freely drinking of pure, soft water. The bowels should be kept regular by injections of tepid water.

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