Concerning flesh meat we can all say, Let it alone. And all should bear a clear testimony against tea and coffee, never using them. They are narcotics, and are injurious to the brain and they clog the whole human machinery. It is also well to discard desserts.


     I then saw that an intelligent knowledge of pure air, and use of it wisely and abundantly, and simple healthful food taken into the stomach temperately, eating and drinking to the glory of God, and ten thousand would be well who are now sick. Then I was taken from room to room and shown disease and its causes, and the result of drug medication. I was then shown through rooms of a hygienic institution that was conducted on hygienic principles and these simple means--sunlight, pure air, healthful habits. Constant instruction needs to be given, line upon line, precept upon precept, in regard to the necessity of clean bodies, clean houses, and clean premises. Breathing clean air would preserve health without the use of drugs.    

     But to deny self, to restrict the appetite, to eat only wholesome food and exercise temperance in eating the wholesome food, abstaining almost wholly from the flesh of dead animals that creates nine-tenths of the disease in our world, is too severe a process for a large part of our world and of professed Christians to enter into; so they eat and drink without reference to health, and the result is a depraved condition of the system; then they resort to the use of drugs, because that is easiest, and there continues to be wicked disregard of the laws of life and of health in taking care to preserve good health.  20MR 374


All nature makes manifest the work of God. Man is fearfully and wonderfully made, and if man had obeyed the laws of Jehovah in his natural laws, the image of God would have been revealed in him. But by sinning against his own body, by indulging his unnatural appetite and disturbing the action of the human machinery; by the use of alcoholic drinks, narcotics, and the flesh of diseased animals, man has dis-ordered and crippled the Lord's divine arrangements. Nature does her best to expel the poisonous drug tobacco, but frequently she is overborne. She gives up the struggles to expel the intruder, and the life is sacrificed in the conflict. Every pernicious drug placed in the human stomach, whether by prescription of physicians, or by man himself doing violence to the human organism, injures the whole machinery. Every intemperate indulgence of lustful appetite is at war with natural instinct and the healthful condition of every nerve and muscle and organ of the wonderful human machinery which through the Creator's powers possesses organic life.    

     Nature would do her work wisely and well if the human agent would, in his treatment of the body, co-operate with the divine purpose. But how Satan and his whole confederacy rejoice to see how easily his powers of deception and art can persuade men to form an appetite for most unpleasant stimulants and narcotics. And then when nature has been overborne, enfeebled in all her working force, there is the drug medication to come from the physicians, to kill the remaining vital force and leave men miserable wrecks of suffering, of imbecility, of insanity, and of loathsome disease. God is hidden from the human observation by the hellish shadow of Satan. 

PC 164-165