Reaching a Muslim


     Two weeks ago a Muslim mother told me that her daughter, 19 years old, had been bedridden for more than two years.  More than 30 doctors had treated her, but without progress.  They live in Saba Malaysia and had come to the Philippines seeking treatment.  Her mother was a Filipina.  The young daughter cried every day because of the sever pain in her body.  Her illness was complicated, and she had no strength to move.  I tried to visit the Muslim village where they lived.  I learned that they followed my instructions to have three days grape juice fasting with earnest prayer to God.  But I noticed that they purchased juices from borrowed money only.  I asked the mother if they would buy more juice for the third day of treatment.  She replied that they did not know where to borrow from again.  I gave the lady a slight head and back massage.  I shared with them that God healed me after suffering from a disease for nine years.  After crying to God my body was completely healed within four days.  I shared Jeremiah 33:3 and encouraged them to call upon God for guidance.  “God loves you, Jaira,” I said to the young lady.  Her eyes glazed over with tears.  I found out that they were already bankrupt.  And although the father was a fisherman in Malaysia, their income was not sufficient to provide for their 7 children.  At this my heart was extremely touched, and I tried to asked my wife to share our last allowance.  With half of our allowance we decided to purchase two liters of grape juice and two liters of apple juice to sustain her treatment.  After two days of fasting she experienced 60% recovery.  Last I saw Jaira, the pain was gone and she was standing for the first time in two years.  She can already lift some weight.  Praise God!  She can now walk without assistance.  We are continuing prayer for the family.  Today I am not able to contact them since Cebuan and Muslim gangsters are warring.  Entering the village under these conditions is not safe.


Brian Palange