A Treasure Worth



Everything Else

     How few realize that the Bible is the great instrument of God's government through probationary time! This Word is the direct unveiling of truth, and we need a far greater knowledge of its teachings than we now have. A man may go through all the grades of the schools and colleges of today; he may devote all his powers to acquiring knowledge: but unless he has a knowledge of God, unless he understands and obeys the laws that govern his being, he will destroy himself by wrong habits, by using tea, coffee, and strong drink. Thus he thinks to brace himself up, but instead he loses his power of self-appreciation. He loses self-control. He can not reason acutely and correctly about matters that concern him most closely. He is reckless and irrational in his treatment of his body, and by wrong habits he makes of himself a complete wreck. Happiness he can not have; for his neglect to cultivate pure, healthful principles, that he may be a sound man, places him under the control of habits that ruin his peace. For a time he may be elated by the stimulus of alcohol, but this elation is followed by a corresponding depression, and by sluggish movements of the brain. His years of taxing study are lost, for he has destroyed himself. By indulgence he has destroyed the harmonious action of the different parts of the being. He has misused his physical and mental powers, and the temple of the body is in ruins. By acquiring earthly knowledge he thought to gain a treasure; and he laid his Bible aside, ignorant that it contained a treasure worth everything else. 

RH, July 3, 1900