Staph Infection



Impetigo or Staphylococcus aureus can show up in different forms and has been called by other names.

All diseases can be compared to sin in the life and show the spiritual and physical affects on the person.  But let’s just look at impetigo for now and see the similarities.  This flesh-eating disease will eat away and make deep paling holes in the skin, as does the sin digs deep in the heart and makes holes of rotten sadness. The skin is not a normal color around this gaping hole, just as the skin of the face changes its color when embarrassed in evil doings.  Imperceptibly this hole gets bigger and bigger and can fill up with yellowish cream and seem like nothing really is wrong because there is no pain in this devouring process.  And in sinning the more we do it the less it seems to be bad, but it is eating away the brightness of the skin and eyes.  Slowly the body and soul get weaker.  How do you get rid of this gaping horrid hole.  How do you get rid of wickedness?  Only by hard work!  The mind must constantly be controlled to go the right way and the hands must constantly be at work to clean out this hard rock that is growing in the hole.  Who is going to do the work?  You must do the work.  You must gear the mind to the right thoughts and doing the right things.  It is a night and day procedure and no let up if you are going to get it cleaned out.  Even if you lose some sleep over the next few weeks it will be worth the hard work.  The seemingly painless hole can eventually bring a lot of pain in the course of cleaning it out, just as the results of sin will bring a lot of heartache and agony to the sin-sick heart when sin is in the life.  We know the healing comes because of the power of God on the problem and the disease is from Satan so if we want true healing and help from Jesus we must constantly be resisting the Devil and his ways in order for God to be able to cleanse us.  We can’t expect help if we are still holding on to our pet sins.  Impetigo is a terrible thing because it does not need to be helped in spreading its deadly germs.  It needs to be washed and cleaned constantly or covered up tightly to keep it from spreading through out the whole of your home.  If left without being covered it will spread over the hole body and it will be speckled with red spots to begin with and then the center turns a creamy white color.  Then you have a real job on your hands to rid your self of all this.  It’s just the same with sin, for it needs no help to get started sinning and it will grow and grow until the whole life is overwhelmed with evil.  Some people say to wash the sore for twenty minutes with lots of soap and water.  Some people say to put a couple drops of tea tree oil in your bath water. One person told me they would all start scrubbing with vinegar at the hospital where she worked when they had to deal with the staph infections.  So if you catch it at the start you can use some detergent and scrub real good and get rid of it that way, but don’t stop till it’s gone.  One little girl had a white spot the size of a pea, right next to her eye and when it got some rubbing, it popped right out like a hard little rock leaving a deep hole. 

We are to realize that the devil does not want us to have a normal peaceful life and he will make us as miserable as he can with all his instigation's.  When you have this disease it is a special attack of the devil and he will take control of the life if you let him and he will put different phenomenal experiences in your way if you let him, so be sure to resist his temptations and the things you wonder are happening to you and be very alert to the things that don’t really exist but he puts before you.

God will help you out of sin and impetigo if you trust and obey Him.

Stand up for Jesus and cling to Him constantly for your sustenance.

The promise is that the afflictions of the righteous are many, but the Lord delivers them out of them all.

So the salt water will kill the impetigo, but it is more painful than the colloidal silver in getting rid of this most annoying disease.

in some cases it takes a long weary road to travel down to get through this clean up lesson.






The main coagulase-positive staphylococcus is Staphylococcus aureus, although not all strains of Staphylococcus aureus are coagulase positive.

These bacteria can survive on dry surfaces, increasing the chance of transmission. S. aureus is also implicated in toxic shock syndrome; during the 1980s some tampons allowed the rapid growth of S. aureus, which released toxins that were absorbed into the bloodstream. Any S. aureus infection can cause the staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome, a cutaneous reaction to exotoxin absorbed into the bloodstream. It can also cause a type of septicaemia called pyaemia. The infection can be life-threatening. Problematically, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) has become a major cause of hospital-acquired infections, and is being recognized with increasing frequency in community-acquired infections.