You Don't Have to Live  With Allergies!

   Most people welcome spring and summer, and they look forward to these months as the best time of the year. However, for many people, it is a dreaded time of the year, because they have only to look forward to feeling miserable and sick until the leaves fall, and until winter has once again arrived. These folks are said to be “allergic.” They are sensitive to pollens, weeds, grasses, trees, dust, insects, and a host of assorted things in the environment.

     It is estimated that one in every three Americans will develop hay fever, asthma, hives, or some other allergy at some point in their lives. Few will know what to do to get rid of them. But now, you will!


The word “allergy” is often used loosely: people are said “to be allergic” to anything which does not agree with them. The true meaning of “allergy” (also called an “antigen”) is as follows: “a condition in which a person’s immune system regards a substance as a dangerous ‘invader’ and responds to it by producing antibodies, which in their turn, rise to some unpleasant reactions.” For example, when a person experiences a noticeable upset subsequent to eating a particular food, they are said “to be allergic” to it. The upset is due to the fact that the substances of the food are not fully broken down by the enzymes in the digestive tract and are ingested into the bloodstream in a form, to a greater or lesser extent, poisonous to the body. In other words, the food is toxic for human consumption. The upset is also due to the Nerve Energy levels and the toxic levels of the person with so called “allergies.”

Many people display allergic reactions to cereals, in particular wheat, because their systems cannot handle gluten, which is the protein in cereals. Foods responsible for most allergies are eggs, grain products, chocolate and dairy products.



  1. Nasal catarrh, hay fever, asthma, respiratory congestion. Often, all year around complaints.
  2. Sore and red eyes, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, itching, rashes
  3. Spastic colon, ulcerative colitis, bloating, bowel cramps
  4. Headache and migraine


Many allergy sufferers are given anti-inflammatory drugs to suppress the uncomfortable symptoms that they are experiencing. Cortisone is one drug often prescribed and most often given, through injection, by the physician. At best, cortisone only reduces the symptoms (suppresses the symptoms) for a brief length of time, after which, symptoms reappear. And another injection is given. Much harm is done through this poisonous practice. All other outside agents, such as antihistamines, decongestants, etc., are harmful and suppress the healing ability of the body. Often, the user becomes certifiably addicted to these drugs. Inasmuch as they do not remove the causes of allergy, there can be no correction or cure by such medicinals. All of these drugs are poisonous. They contribute to enervation and add toxins to the body.


When we live incorrectly by indulging in wrong food habits, getting insufficient sleep or not enough fresh air, and exercising too little, when we wear ourselves out with poor stress management and toxic relationships, our bodies become depleted of Nerve Energy: our immune systems are thus greatly weakened. This state of enervation leads to lowered bodily functions of all systems and decreased elimination of the bodily wastes: and the bloodstream becomes toxemic.

If you are plagued by these common “allergic reactions,” it is best to abstain from all food for a day or two. (Take a short fast.) Such a fast has marked beneficial results. Drink lots of water during this time. After this brief “fast” period, begin to change the way you eat by first eliminating the so-called “allergy-causing” items and eating only whole, natural foods: fruits, vegetables and nuts, seeds. Nearly all of which are alkaline in our digestive systems; and when we live correctly, our bodies maintain a normal, alkaline balance. And we are free from sickness. Furthermore, all of these foods promote human health.

SOME FOODS TO AVOID: An estimated 60% of human illness is from wrong food choices (food intolerances) and due to personal toxic levels. Symptoms produced by “food allergy” range from only occasional, minor discomfort to life-threatening anaphylaxis. The frequency with which a food unfit for human consumption is eaten and how toxic is the person both enter into “allergenicity”: the more often the unsuitable food is eaten, the more toxemia in the person, the more likely a person is to develop a so-called “allergy” to it. There are specific foods all of us, with or without “allergies,” would do well to cut.

Take a look at these common respiratory symptoms. Do you or your children have a problem with any them? If so, consider a milk allergy as a possible cause: ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, EAR INFECTION, PHLEGM AND MUCUS, and POSTNASAL DRIP.

The first food and foremost food to avoid is MILK. Dairy products are the leading cause of food so-called “allergies.” Milk contains more than sixty different proteins, at least thirty-one of which may induce toxic reactions in humans. Numerous studies report that one of the common areas of the body to be affected by milk poisoning is the central nervous system, especially the brain. This explains why such symptoms as fatigue, depression, and headache occur on a milky diet. Elimination is the only way to control milk sensitization. It may require several months for the full benefit of the milk-free diet to become apparent. All milk and all milk products should be eliminated from the humankind diet.

GRAINS & CEREALS (wheat, rye, barley, and oats, for examples) contain a protein called “gluten,”which is indigestible by humans and tends to produce “allergic symptoms” in many individuals.

Because EGG contains so much protein, it is often a potent allergen. Egg is one of the most common contributors to infantile eczema. Also hives, swelling of the skin, asthma, headache, and gastrointestinal symptoms are common manifestations of “egg allergy.”

CHOCOLATE & COLA are members of the kola nut family, and the human body and mind does not fare well on either. Cola is found in many soft drinks, and chocolate in cakes, cookies, candies, icings.

Remember, you are not actually allergic… you are toxic and/or the ingestion of toxic foods, unfit for human consumption, will make you sick! If you are a sufferer of “allergies,” in any form, you can surely become free of these annoying and debilitating manifestations by giving-up all foods that are unsuitable for good health and by adopting foods that are suitable to the human system: fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Why suffer any longer with so-called “allergies”?

Now is the time for a life-style change!


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