“He was made for a scavenger, “God says he’s unclean,
And what else can we find so
filthy and mean?

Eat not his flesh, nor touch
his dead carcass,
For with sin and disease it
surely will mark us.”




      The Pigs Resume:

       (Worms And Trichonosis)

     The typical pig ready for market is a sick animal—the victim of obesity—

Who would die long before his time, if the farmers did not rush him to market for the people to eat.

     It is a well known fact that hogs exhibit a number of diseases.  As a result, piglets may be taken away from the sow at birth and reared on a “scientific” diet with the aid of artificial warmth to eliminate accidental death and enabling weaklings to survive. 


Pigs Are Scavengers


     God created pigs to be scavengers; as a rule they are meat-eating animals that clean up anything that is left dead in the

fields, etc.  If any animal should die in the field and lie in the sun until it is broken open and the maggots and putrefaction

have set in, the swine or other scavengers will come and eat up all the filth and putrid matter.

     In fact pigs are cannibals.  In factory farm pigs, cannibalism takes the form of tail biting, described by one expert as follows:

     “Acute tail-biting is often called cannibalism and frequently results in crippling, mutilation and death….many time the tail is bitten first and then the attacking pig or pigs continue to eat further into the back.  If the situation

is not attended to, the pig will die and be eaten.: (Hog Farm Management,

March 1976, p. 94). 

Pigs are scavenger that were never intended for human consumption.

     Scavengers, such as swine, are filthy and are considered unclean by God.  (Read Deuteronomy 14 and Leviticus 11).  In their very nature they are poisonous, diseased and deadly.  There are many diseases that can be

attributed to unclean animals such as pork.  These animals were not created to be eaten.  Have you ever noticed the habits of the swine? 

They are most often found lying around in a self created stink-hole all covered with flies!  They are so filthy they will eat their young and feed on their own filth.

     In every single instance where the Bible refers to swine, it depicts a low state or the lowest state to which a person can stoop.


     The swine have bodies that are reservoirs of disease.  Their flesh is susceptible to a greater number of diseases than any other domestic animal. With most of their ills

transmissible to man.  It is believed that pork and pork products are a contributing

factor of cancer. 

     The U.S. Department of Agriculture Yearbook, 1942, list over 42 diseases and parasites of swine!  Some of the diseases passed from swine to man are trichinosis, tapeworm, swine erysipelas, swine influenza,

roundworm, undulant fever, food poisoning, hog cholera, boils and a host of others.





     Directly beneath the skin of the hog is a layer of fat.  The layer varies in a mature hog.  In some cases it has been known to measure six inches in thickness!  Because of the thick layer of fat and the slow circulation of blood, the hog can successfully withstand even snake bites.  Strictlyspeaking,

a hog is not immune to snake venom.  However they have something as good as immunity, that thick layer of fat.  The venom

from snakes can be deposited from the snake bite and be absorbed so gradually that no harm results.

     Swine have “running sores” under their hoofs.  If you ever get the opportunity to visit a farm that raises hogs lift the front foot of the hog and with just a little pressure

greenish matter will ooze out from between the toes.  This is one small outlet for the various heinous poisons that the hog takes into his body.  Occasionally, this artery

becomes stopped up and the poison backs up into his system and greenish growths are formed in various parts of his body.

   On examining the swine’s anatomy, we find that, as a supplement of his bad appetite

he has one poorly constructed stomach arrangement, and very limited excretory organs generally.  Consequently, in about three hours after he has eaten his pollute

swill, putrid carrion, or other offensive matter, man may eat the same in secondhand style off the ribs of the pig. 



     The microscope has revealed that the flesh of hogs is often infested with trichina worms, which when taken into the human

body, multiply and be gin to work their way through the entire system, even into the brain and heart.  This condition is known as trichinosis.  Thus far there is no known cure for the disease, since

nothing has been discovered which will kill the trichina without killing the person when once the worms have started working into the flesh.

     The worms enter the human digestive tract as tiny, almost invisible cysts which digest and release the worms, so that they

burrow through the walls of the stomach or duodenum and go into the blood stream.  The result is symptoms similar to food

poisoning if the number of parasites is sufficient.  Later rheumatic-like pains may begin, or the worms may settle temporarily in the heart.  Inflammation in the cardiac region may follow. In some

cases the brain or nervous system may be disturbed, as though worms had invaded brain or nerves, which possibly they do. 

Even invasion of the muscles may be fatal if the worms are numerous enough.

     Laird S. Goldsborough wrote an article in the Reader’s Digest, March 1962, entitled PORK.  He stated:”In the pork which we

Americans eat, there too often lurks myriads (countless numbers) of baffling and sinister parasites.  They are minute spiril worms

which scientists call Trichinella spiralis.  A single serving of infected pork—even a single mouthful—can kill or cripple, or

condemn the victim to a lifetime of aches and pains. In the flesh of a pig, the trichinae are often so minute and so nearly transparent that to find them, even with a microscope, is a task for expert scientific inspectors….Remember

this: When you see stamped on the a pork product the words, U.S. Government Inspected and passed, those words do not mean that any official inspection whatever has been made as to whether this pork is trichinous or not.  It has merely passed the routine inspection given meat in general.

     “The trichina is just one worm found in the swine.  There is s large round worm, the gullet worm, three kinds of stomach worms, a tiny hair worm, a hook worm and the thorn headed worm, in the intestine.  There are several species of nodular worms and one species of whip worm in the large

 intestine, and the kidney worm.  The large round worm can be as big as eighteen inches.

     “A special report given to medical personnel at a Doctors and Nurses Conference on

communicable disease at the Wesley Medical Center, Wichita, Kansas, in 1962 said: that autopsies showed that one out of three people are infected with trichinosis.”

     Because of trichinosis becoming so widely spread and its incurable nature, medical men

have become deeply concerned over the health problem which it brings to American people. 

In the January, 1942, issue of Life An Health, there appeared an article by T.C. Desmond,

Chairman of the trichinosis Commission of New York State. 

The article was entitled, One In Six Infected With Deadly Pork Parasite.  In this article he states that,  “One out of every twenty-five pork products purchased over the retail counter was found by our commission to contain the parasites.  It has been estimated

that our present hog crop mayprovide us with 60,000,000 trichinae-infected meals.”

     The trichinae worm is found in various parts of the pig’s body and when humans eat pork these microscopic worms are transferred to the mouth, stomach, intestines

and eyes of the person who has swallowed it.  These larvae mature within 5-7 days at which time they set up residence in the muscles of

  the human body.

     As their life cycle is completed, they become encysted in the internal organs of the host.  When they die (if they do), they calcify and become tiny hardened chalk like nodules.

     Although you are unable to detect them with the naked eye, pathologists have reported it is possible for almost a half-million trichinae to be found in each pound of muscle tissue of a host.  Many of these worms can be seen on x-ray after the larvae have formed cysts in the muscles after they become impregnated with chalk from calcification.  They can be detected in the neck, shoulders, knees, feet and hands and even the lungs.

     There has been no progress made in discovering a way to produce a trichina-free pork in the past 150 years of modern research. 

Knowledge of the trichina worm’s existence, and the harm it causes the human body, is one of the least publicized medical problems in this country.  The symptoms are so flue-like that this problem has been absorbed into other disease categories.

     Regardless of the many scriptures condemning the hog as an article of food, and all the discoveries of medical science revealing the wisdom of abiding

by the prohibition of the Bibles, many people around the world continue to eat the brute from

head to tail.


     Chicago has several packing houses that can kill dress and pack hundreds of hogs in an hour.  Because of the large number of hogs being prepared for the public, an attempt to examine each one microscopically had to be abandoned as impractical and expensive, and so the Department of Agriculture in a Bulletin on trichinosis says that “nopracticable

system has yet been devised by which  persons who eat raw or imperfectly cooked pork can

be protected from the danger of trichinosis.”  In this same bulletin it is pointed out that in Germany, where the microscopic examination

of pork for trichinae is systematically carried out, there occurred in seventeen years 6,329

cases of trichinosis, 32 percent of which were from inspected meat that had been passed as free from trichina infestation. To safeguard

the consuming public, the government has prepared a poster for the meat trade, warning the public to “cook pork and its product thoroughly.”  (Though there is scientific evidence that this does not even completely kill all the parasites).  It would not add to

the attractiveness of pork as a food nor would it tend to increase the sale of pork products to inform the public bluntly that among garbage fed hogs trichinosis infection is common, with a slightly decreased frequency among hogs in general.  Garbage-fed rats have their tissues laded with the trichinae, one specimen being estimated to carry in its body 40,000 trichina worms.  Hogs eating such rats quickly become heavily infested with the

loathsome disease.  As in all the wonderful instruction given by Moses, there was an excellent reason for this warning against the

filth-eating hogs.





     While pork is still the primary product from hogs, medical uses and pharmaceuticals rank second only to the meat itself.

     Hog skins are used to create biological dressings for burns. 

     Hormones and extract from hogs are common and widely used pharmaceuticals. 

     From the pancreas glands of 60,000 hogs come one pound of insulin, that treats a thousand diabetic for a year. (beef available)

     An enzyme in hog blood called plasmin that digest fibrin in blood clots is used to treat heart attack patients.

     An acid from hog bile is used for dissolving gallstones.


Whether therefore ye eat, or drink.

Or whatsoever ye do,

do all to the glory of God

1 Corinthians 10:31

Katy Chamberlin