Allergies Overcoming

     Most people welcome spring and summer and look forward to three months as the best time of the year.  To some people, however, it is a dreaded time of the year because they merely look forward to feeling miserable and sick until the leaves fall and winter has once again arrived.  These people are said to be “allergic.”  They are sensitive to pollens, weeds, grasses, trees, dust, insects and assorted other things in our normal environment.      

     Typical symptoms include sneezing, wheezing, watery eyes, itchy eyelids and the like.  Other symptoms may include redness and inflammation of the skin with itching and draining of fluid. 

     It is estimated that one in every three Americans will develop hay fever, asthma, hives or some other allergy at some point in their lives.


     It is more important to know what makes one sensitive than to know what he is sensitive to.  Most allergy sufferers have chronic catarrh and have had it for many years, even before manifesting signs of sensitivity.  Even after the “allergy season” has past they still suffer from catarrh and experience frequent colds during the winter.

     The medical profession believes that the fundamental cause of allergy is the powerful body chemical, histamine; this is the trigger that supposedly touches off the allergic attack.  Irritated by offending pollen and food, histamine, it is said, lights the fuse for an explosion of sneezing, wheezing coughing and itching.  The profession has not yet found an explanation of why certain people become hypersensitive to certain irritants.  It is belived that this reaction is due to some defect in the allergic person’s tissues which cause the production of too much histamine when in contact with allergic substances.


     Despite the use of anti-histamines, adrenalin, nasal sprays, injections and drops, ephedrine, A.C.T.H., cortisone, inoculations and “patch tests,” allergies are growing increasingly wider in scope and more aggravating symptomatically.

     These drugs are complicating the symptoms, causing chronicity and precipitating the appearance of so-called “side effects”: heart palpitation, nausea, nervousness, skin rashes, dizziness, sleepiness, stupor, chills, and headaches.  Their poison effects are more devastating than the “disease” they are supposed to “cure.”


     There are no essential differences between hay fever and asthma; in the one, hay fever, the nasal portion of the respiratory tract is affected; in the other, the bronchial (air tubes) are affected.  In many instances both are effected.  Hay fever is named inaccurately for the condition is not caused by hay and there is no fever.

     Asthma is labored breathing in paroxysms upon expiration and is accompanied by wheezing, coughing, slow respiration, sweating, blueness of skin (cyanosis) and the coldness of extremities.  The muscular coats of the bronchial become spastic (tightened and contracted) and occlude the lumen (bore) of the air tubes thus causing difficulty in expiration.  These acute paroxysms occur at varying intervals and degrees of severity.  Night “attacks” are common.  The “attack” may last for only minutes, or it may continue many hours or days.  Between “attacks” the patient is seemingly quite well.

     So-called heredity plays some part in these processes, where hay fever “allergies” and asthma comes down on one side of the family.  These families are likely to violate the natural health laws in the same manner from generation to generation.  If the un-healthy living habits of the family were changed, the hypersensitiveness or “allergy” would cease.

      Most of those who have acquired this shortcoming began gathering these undesirable conditions unto themselves as children by their manner of living.  This is not their fault but the fault of their parents who stuff them with milk, meat and devitalized products until they become catarrhal and “diseased” in other ways.  They become so acidic that health is impossible; hypersensitiveness is produced and causes “allergies” or asthma.


     We know that the underlying cause of allergies is toxicosis.  If the body did not need to eliminate this waste material,, there would be no allergic symptoms.  It is the body’s way of preserving health and healing.

     When we live incorrectly by indulging in wrong food habits, getting insufficient sleep, fresh air and exercise, our bodies become depleted of nerve energy.  This state of enervation leads to lowered metabolism and elimination of wastes, and the tissues, bloodstream, organs and nerve-end receptors become toxemic.  The individual becomes hypersensitive to all the triggering elements mentioned above and hay fever and asthma will be manifested.

     When we live correctly, our bodies maintain a normal alkaline balance and we are free from sickness.  Wrong eating, wrong drinking and wrong living produce subnormal health.

     Health is the characteristic of people who live according to the natural health principles and who eat “good food,”

     If you are being plagued by “allergies” or asthma it is best to abstain from all food for a day or two (fast).  This has marked beneficial results with these “allergies.”  Improvement might be said to be extremely dramatic.  Just drink lots of water during this time.  After this brief “fast” period begin to change the way you eat.


*Do not drink milk.  Milk is for the infant animal and not for the adult.  It does not digest properly and causes the body to secrete mucus.  The asthmatic sufferers from mucus.  No dairy product should be taken for this reason.

*Do not eat meat, eggs, or other animal foods.  Meat is not well digested and causes a high level of impurities in the system, and if you are not already a vegetarian it is certainly advisable to reduce the amount of meat, or best yet completely cut out meat eating.  The consumption of animal products will pollute the body and cause disease. Animal products also cause mucus formation.

*Do not eat fats and fried foods.  Not only do you risk the fact of getting cancer from eating fried foods, but fried foods can also lead to malnutrition which lowers the immune function.  Cooking fat destroys its vitamin A content.  Frying of foods also renders the fats less digestible and this method of cooking should be avoided to be successful in overcoming “allergies.”  

*Sugar.  Sugar comes high on the list of forbidden foods.  While working at overcoming “allergies” and asthma you should not take even brown sugar or sugar substitutes.  Sugar is a toxic irritant which contributes to a wide variety of complaints.  It not only acts as an internal irritant to the mucous membranes but also tends to leach the body’s calcium reserves and in this way lowers the general resistance.  So desert the desserts!

     Whole, natural, plant foods, eaten raw and conservatively cooked, are best to use for overcoming “allergies.”  You will thrive eating fresh fruits, green salads, steamed vegetables, baked potatoes, brown rice, red lentils, nuts and seeds, and other nourishing plant foods.


     Many allergy sufferers are given anti-inflammatory drugs to suppress the uncomfortable symptoms that they are experiencing.  Cortisone is one drug often prescribed and most often given, through injection, by the physician.  At best, cortisone only reduces the symptoms for a brief length of time after which symptoms reappear and another injection is given.  Much harm is done through this poisonous practice.

     All other outside agents such as antihistamines, decongestants, etc., are harmful and suppress(depress) the healing ability of the body.  Inasmuch as they do not remove the causes of the allergy, there can be no correction.

     All of these drugs are poisonous.  They contribute to the enervation and add toxins to the body. 

     The ideal treatment is following the 8 natural health laws: (1) Proper diet, (2) Pure air, (3) Sunlight (4) abstemiousness, (5) Rest, (6) Exercise, (7) Use of water, (8) Trust in Divine Power.  If the body is given the proper conditions, healing will be carried on uninterrupted and health will be restored.  When the underlying cause of “allergies” is removed, these symptoms will not reoccur.

     If you or a loved one or a friend are victims of your transgressions and have developed “allergies” or asthma, you can surely become free of these annoying and debilitating manifestations by ceasing your faulty living habits and adopting the natural health laws.  Only in this manner will you gain efficiency, effectiveness and a much more pleasant life.

     Restore the “allergy” sufferer to health, and he will live in the same environment with the rest of us and react to its normal elements in a perfectly normal way.  Healthy men and women do not suffer with “allergies.”  It should be known that when health is restored, previously sensitive membranes soon lose their sensitiveness.  The problems presented by “allergies” are simple and easily solved once the subject has been stripped of the mystery thrown around it by the medical world.

     Why suffer any longer with “allergies”—now is the time for a life-style change!


     Doctors and researchers have long struggled with two questions: what causes asthma, and what will cure it?  Now they have another question: Why are more people dying from the disease than eve before.

     The Centers for disease control report that about 10 million people in the United States—4 percent of the population—have asthma.

     During the past decade, the deaths contributed to asthma have almost doubled, increasing to 4,369 in 1987 from 2,891 in 1980.


     Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.

1 Corinthians 10:31


Katy Chamberlin