A commission of experts in mental diseases, appointed by the German Ministry of Education to investigate the healing value of hypnotism, has reported that it is essentially worthless, although it can be used helpfully in some cases through suggestion. "The infleunce of hypnotic suggestion diminishes in proportion to popular knowledge of it. It is most powerful when regarded by a subject as marvellous and supernatural." Which means, in effect, that when a person is ill in imagination, he can be cured by imagination. Actual disorders are not effected by hypnotic suggestion. It is hardly to be expected, however, that this folly will die out. The last thing that a sick person seems to think of is to leave off the causes that made him ill. People want to violate the laws of health, and then escape the consequences by taking drugs, hypnotic suggestion, or something that will make them well without changing their wrong habits.

April 16, 1903 EJW, PTUK 253.9

(The devil is in control when hypnotized.)