A Big Thank You

 by Joyce Counts


April 20, 2010

Dear Danny:

I was diagnosed with lung cancer after two years of cat scans and attempted biopsies. I say attempted because of the location of the tumor they were unable to reach until March of 2008.
  I had a sister with ovarian cancer an knew I
didn't want myself or my family to go through what sheexperienced. I knew little, at that time, of natural healing. My goal initially was to give honor and glory to our Lord and Saviour in my witness for Him. I also wanted to be courageous. My friend said being courageous meant being positive every moment of everyday.

  I went to a lifestyle center in early April and was introduced to healthy living, supplements, and fever baths. I came home feeling great and off most of my prescribed medications. Praise the Lord! I was doing all I knew to get well and doing all the things I had learned.
  In June I went to another lifestyle center for a ten day cleanse which was totally amazing. I was feeling good and continuing in all I had learned.
  Despite everything I was doing in time, I gradually became very weak, had no energy, or appetite. I was spending most of my time in bed and it was an effort to walk from one room to the next. One day my friend suggested I call you, Danny. She felt you were very knowledgeable and would be able to help me.
 I will be forever grateful and thankful for her suggestion. I called and you suggested the Gerson Therapy for cancer which included raw juice and coffee enemas daily, and besides this you gave me more sound advice and suggested some other products. You also told me to call whenever I had questions and you prayed with me.
   I have now been following the program you outlined for me for five months. I can't thank you or praise the Lord enough for the difference in the way I am feeling! I was not feeling good any day when I began your therapy. Then I would have a good day once in awhile. I remember saying I wish I could have just two good days in a row, and praise the Lord I finally did! Soon I was having more good days than bad but I was still weak.
  Danny, as I write this letter I can tell you I am feeling good everyday now. Even if I don't feel well occasionally, it doesn't last all day. I am able to do my housework again and I am enjoying life. I know that God has worked a miracle in my life and He used you and your ministry in that miracle.

  I am continuing with this therapy as you suggested. Thank you Danny for all your help and may God continue to bless you and Modern Manna.


Your friend,

Joyce Counts.