Brighten Up Your Teeth

     With water and activated powdered charcoal, plaster the teeth for several minutes and then rub the charcoal into the teeth and gums.  Take note of what foods tend to stain the teeth and then use the charcoal after eating them.  Charcoal will also relieve pain.  Not necessarily remove it, but it is better than taking painkiller drugs that just put more poison into the body to make it work harder.

     For sore teeth and gums use powdered salt (you can use the blender) as a plaster pressed firmly against the teeth and gums with a tooth brush or paper towel for several minutes morning and evening or if it’s a severe situation do it more often and a longer time.  Even if the tooth has been loose for quite some time, if you persevere regularly it possibly will become firm again if it is not too far in it's deterioration.  It’s worth a try anyway. It could be a very painful process to begin with, but keep at it and you will be rejoicing soon, WITHOUT DRUGS!  Be sure to rinse the mouth well and all the salt should go down the drain and not the throat.

     Keep in mind that if you are still using refined and processed sugar it will take longer or not have as much of the desired effect, because the sugar puts the infection fighters out of commission to a large degree.

     For sore teeth in some situations it may be easier to fill the mouth with hot water for three minutes and then cold for one minute, going back and forth for several minutes up to possibly 30 minutes.

     In some cases, a washcloth is better, using hot on the skin and firmly pressed onto the sore area of the mouth for three minutes (it may have to be reheated) and then with one minute of as cold as can be tolerated.  Repeating this for 20-30 minutes several times a day is good.

     The tooth paste you buy in the store is so full of undesirable ingredients that we recommend the use of salt for brushing the teeth.  Salt is a pure cleanser and a disinfectant.

     To build up the immunity take a 20-30 minute shower or bath morning and evening.  If you are sick, then for 20 minutes use the shower hot for three minutes and one minute cold, alternating and ending with cold.  Drink lots of water.


      For certain problems a charcaol poultice can be used by puting a teaspoon of activated charcoal powder on a piece of paper towel with the sides folded snugly over and soaked in water and then place it between the cheek and the gums for several hours.