How To Have A


Better Sleep

     So, if you want to have a better sleep, here is a plan that can help.  Experience is the best teacher, so we don’t know if it works until we have tried it out.

     The body will need to have time to readjust to a new way of doing things so do not expect any results right away, but persevere for you surely will benefit from this plan in more ways that one.

A. Between rising and 11:00 in the morning drink 6-8 glasses of water.

B. Be sure to have a king’s breakfast. Fruits, Nuts, and grains.

C. Walk one mile every day.  (start with less, gradually work up to it.)

D. Five hours after breakfast, have a good dinner for a prince. Vegetables, Nuts, and grains.  If you really want to do it right leave out the meat and cheese because they take too long to digest and the stomach will still be working to get rid of them when you go to sleep, which could disturb the sleep.  What affects the stomach affects the mind.  Both need to be able to relax, so leave out the TV and radio and listen to peaceful music and read God’s promises.

E. Get some sunshine and fresh air at least for 30 minute each day.

F.  One hour before bed take a 20-30 minute shower.

G.Bedtime is 9:00.  If you think you are hungry just take a sip of water so your stomach is not having to do any work while you are sleeping, for what you are looking for is an undisturbed sleep and then you will rest well and be ready for a good breakfast in the morning.

H.  It is commonly known that stimulants interfere with a good sleep.  Black and green tea, coffee, chocolate, spicy tea, pop, acai, and meat, are stimulants.  They give an artificial short serge of energy that you soon want to repeat, which is addiction.  These will keep you from having the genuine rest you are looking for.

I.     Alcohol is a depressant even though at the start it acts as if it is a stimulating substance and makes people do bold things and if there is too much a person will die. It destroys the brain and proper decisions.  Alcohol is slow suicide.

J.   Spices are not a food and irritate and destroy the delicate lining of the stomach.  This causes the stomach much distress because it cannot digest the spices properly, so this irritation causes the brain to be irritated and fretful and unthoughtful of others and the mind cannot be at peace to give the person a good sleep.

K.  At 2:00-2:30 leave all food and drink and water until morning.  Remember this is to help you to have a better sleep and the way to get this better sleep is to give your body and mind a rest so they can be relaxed by the time you go to bed.  This will take some determination and self-control, but keeping to it will be rewarding.  At first you body will give you some hard times to recognize there is something different going on here, but those feelings will soon pass if the plan is strictly followed.

L. Recipes can be found here: