Charcoal Testimonies 

From The Philippines

To start with, may I introduce myself. I am Pastor Severino S. Paypa, a retired professor and chairman of the Theology and Health Department of Mountain View College, Valencia City, Philippines. Mountain View College is a Seventh-day Adventist Educational Institution.  

I am a health oriented college evangelist for Field School of Evangelism for the senior ministerial students blending health and the gospel in the nightly public presentations. The eight natural remedies, Swedish massage, hydrotherapy and charcoal remedies are the strongest right arm of our College evangelism. 

In 1996 I wrote a book, Healing Wonders of Charcoal published  and printed by Philippine Publishing House for home use of the non-medical oriented population. Today, I am in the process of updating the book. I have found that the book, The Complete Handbook of Medicinal Charcoal and Its Applications contains rich information on charcoal remedies for laymen in the field of medicine.

In view of this, may I have your permission to use your book as part of my references in the revised edition? Thank you for your kind consideration on this request. May God bless your medical ministry.

Respectfully yours,

Pastor Severino S. Paypa

See attachment for my experiences. It may be shared with others.



This chapter presents some actual experiences and personal testimonies on actual applications on the "Healing Wonders of Activated Charcoal". We have practiced at home and taught publicly for more than thirty years. Charcoal works at home and in the community.  Hundreds and thousands of people were benefited from our yearly training seminars in towns and cities in the different parts of the Philippines. These experiences are our lasting tokens of love for the people we have served. As the apostle Peter said, “Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have give I thee. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk. And he leaping stood up… leaping and praising God.” (Acts 3: 6-8) Yes, thousand and thousands of people leaping for joy and praising God for the healing wonders of charcoal. They experienced physical and spiritual healing. Our free services are engraved in their hearts forever. My healing ministry will never fade away but continue to shine on from generation to generation. Thus we share these much treasured experiences with our beloved readers. In these experiences both activated charcoal and homemade charcoal powder work wonders.  


           Liver Abscess                                    

Fe, a 50-year-old mother and professor of Mountain View College, had her physical checkup in Gingoog Community Hospital in October 1996. The ultrasound test revealed an abscess in the liver. The family doctor recommended surgery during the December vacation. The tests worried her so much because her mother had once had a liver problem too. A few weeks after the initial checkup, her husband came to us for advice. We recommended a charcoal poultice every night and a charcoal drink (2 tablespoons of charcoal powder to a half glass of water followed by 1 to 2 glasses of clear water) three to four times a day. She did this faithfully. On Christmas break she went back to her doctor prepared for a surgical operation. She was examined again. The ultrasound showed a “negative” result.   

Bluish Spots on the Skin

Alin. Alin works in the registrar’s office of Mountain View College. One day, she discovered several bluish spots on her extremities and other parts of her body. She had this condition for about a year, and she was losing weight. She came to the house to ask for help. We recommended to her a charcoal drink four times a day for two months and a month of follow-up treatment. She religiously followed the instructions. 

After a few weeks, the bluish spots gradually disappeared. A few months later she told us that she was gaining weight and the blood clots had completely disappeared.


Childhood Vasculitis 

on the Brain (SLE)

Kate Llova, my niece, and resident of Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, is an eight-year old. One day she complained to her mother of weakness on her left arm. After one week, her arm completely lost strength. Her left eye deviated toward the left. Her three brothers are medical practitioners. She was subjected to different kinds of physical examination. The diagnosis revealed “childhood vasculitis” on the brain, which is believed to be an early sign of Systemic Lupus Erythematus (SLE). The cranial CT scan on August 28, 1998, showed an “acute ischemic infarction involving the right lentiform nucleus, anterior limb of internal capsule and frontal subcortical region”. Her attending physician recommended cranial surgery. The brothers suggested their mother seek advice from me. My sister presented to me the medical diagnosis of her daughter. We recommended a charcoal poultice on the head three times a day and a charcoal drink four times a day. We went to their home and demonstrated the first application. No drug medication was given during this period. On the second week, the arm moved. Arm exercises were often given during the charcoal treatment. Three weeks later, she was brought to her doctor for a checkup. She was given a strength test and the result showed that both arms had equal strength. Her “deviated” eye returned to normal. In due time she was back to school. 

Cancer of the Colon

Flaviano, a 76-year-old businessman from Valencia City, Bukidnon, complained of pain in the abdomen and observed changes in his bowel movement. He went to the hospital for medication. The biopsy result in January 1996 showed that he had ”adenocarcenoma  in the descending colon.” The medical advice was surgery. One year after his surgery, his abdominal pains reoccurred. He was brought back to the hospital. The CT scan report noted “two polyps in Recto-sigmoid and in descending colon.” He was given good medical care but was deteriorating physically.

Two months after the CT scan, the ultrasound on the liver showed “hypoechoic nodule on the right lobe, likely due to metastasis." His children were told that their father had only a few more days to live. On December 15, 1997 the children brought their father home.

At this time we were conducting a six-week seminar in Maramag, Bukidnon. Flaviano was brought to our health seminar where we did an actual treatment using a charcoal poultice in the presence of more than 600 people. Three persons carried him to the platform. The charcoal poultice was applied over his abdomen three times a day and he drank charcoal drink four times a day.

The participants of the seminar observed positive progress of the patient. Ten days later the patient could stand by himself. He was placed on a graduated walking exercise. On January 3, 1998 we had our closing program for the seminar. That evening he walked alone up the platform and gave a public testimony on the healing effects of charcoal therapy. After the seminar, we brought him to the college medical clinic for follow-up treatment for 45 days. No drug was administered to him except charcoal and food supplements. After the follow-up treatment, he went home and assisted in the management of the family business.

Cancer of the Liver

Saturnino. In November 1995, Saturnino, 67 years old, a prominent businessman in Valencia City, Bukidnon, was diagnosed to have liver cancer. His son is a practicing physician in Valencia City. His attending physicians gave him five months to live. He went to Manila for another checkup. The condition of his liver was getting worse and he was given three months to live. As weeks passed by, Saturnino became very weak and pale. He had nightly fever. He could hardly walk by himself. His wife brought him to the college campus for charcoal remedies.

A charcoal poultice was applied over his liver three times a day and a charcoal drink was given every three to four hours. He was placed on a non-flesh diet high in vitamins A and C. No drug medications were given to him except food supplements. After five days of treatment, his nightly fever stopped. Ten days later, the feeling of midnight hunger disappeared. He was placed on a graduated walking exercise every day and given three meals a day. 

Three weeks later his skin turned pinkish and he gained strength gradually. After the 30 days he went home with a strong body and was back to his business. During our visit, two years after the treatment, he told us that he had already celebrated his second “death anniversary”.  

Cancer of the Thyroid Gland

Sylvia. One of the participants of the health seminar we conducted in Butuan City was a poor woman named Sylvia, 52 years old. A year ago she had a surgery on the thyroid gland. The operation on her cancerous goiter did not heal. The wound secreted smelly fluid daily. A thick cloth was placed around her neck. For about a year, she bore with the foul secretions

Sylvia and her husband attended the health seminar we conducted. On the third night of the seminar, she volunteered to be the patient. We applied a charcoal poultice around her neck. The poultice was applied three times a day and charcoal drink was given every four hours. After one week of treatment, the bad odor was reduced. On the third week, the fluid secretions were greatly reduced. On the fifth week, the wound started to dry. 

At the end of the six-week program we had our closing exercises. Coincidentally, our guest speaker was Sylvia’s attending physician, the provincial health officer. That evening Sylvia stood up on the platform and testified before her fellow attendees and showed her healing wound as a demonstration of the healing effects of charcoal remedies. Many gave healing testimonies that evening.

Cancer Pain

Jelma. On the first week of September 1997, Jelma, 46, a resident of Butuan City, was diagnosed to have cancer of the colon. She underwent surgery. A few months later her uterus and ovaries were removed. The following year her colon cancer recurred. The CT scan showed the presence of “adhesions below the right lobe of the liver and in the right iliac fossa”. She was suffering from severe abdominal pain, bowel movement problem, and high fever. Her physician prescribed morphine to relieve her pain. She had to take morphine once or twice daily. Her attending physician told her husband that his wife had only a few days to live.  

She was brought to the medical clinic at Mountain View College for charcoal therapy. We applied charcoal poultice over her abdomen three times a day and gave her charcoal drink every three to four hours. During the first two days of treatment she was given pain relievers. On the third day the pain was slightly reduced. The fever stopped and never came again. On the next two days, the pain came on and off, but could be tolerated without pain relievers. On the fourth day, she defecated. Two days after, again she could not defecate. On the second week, she had a loose bowel movement, which was mostly sticky mucus. This incident lasted for 4 days. To ease the severe abdominal pain, she was given pain relievers. No other drug medications were given.    

In the succeeding two weeks, the patient was relieved from severe abdominal pain. She took no more pain relievers up until leaving the clinic on October 17, 1998.

Ear Infection

Glendyl Love, my 24-year old daughter is a teacher in East Visayan Academy, Bulakao Talisay, Cebu. In 1998, she had an infection in the right ear, which affected her hearing. She was given drug medications. After one week, the pain increased and hearing was completely lost. She was referred to a specialist who subjected her to a thorough examination. It was found out that there was water trapped in the eardrum. She was told to undergo surgery.  

She called us by telephone informing us of her health problem. She said she would have surgery in the ear. We advised her to come home for a charcoal poultice. She did. We applied the poultice over the ear. On the fourth day of treatment, fluid came out. After we dressed her ear, hearing was restored. She went back to Cebu to see her doctor for a checkup. He was surprised to see that the problem was solved.

Gall Bladder Stones 

Galileo, 50, resides in Dumingag, Zamboanga del Sur. He complained of pain in the upper part of the abdomen toward the right side of the body. He went to his family doctor for consultation. The ultrasound report on December 9, 1997 showed that the “gall bladder is filled with three bright echoic imaging within the cavity measuring 0.4 cm each and moved on its cavity side”. He was given drug medication designed to dissolve the stones. In spite of the treatment the pain increased as months passed by.

Eight months later, he had another gall bladder ultrasound. The finding showed that “the gall bladder is filled with three stones measuring 1.6x1.1 and 1.0 cm in diameter each”. He discontinued his medications. A month later he submitted himself to charcoal treatment. A charcoal poultice was applied over his gall bladder three times a day and was given a charcoal drink three times a day. 

After 30 days of treatment he felt relieved from the disturbing pain. We asked him to see his family doctor who suggested another ultrasound. The ultrasound results, 12 months after the initial diagnosis, showed a very significant reduction in the sizes of the gallstones. The three stones “measured 0.9 and 0.5 cm in diameter each” compared with the 1.6x1.1 and 1.0 cm measurements in the previous ultrasound. Galileo was advised to continue the charcoal treatment until all the stones were completely dissolved.

Hematoma in the Brain

Rhodel, from Naawan, Misamis Oriental, is 19 years old, single, and my son’s brother-in-law.  A few days after his graduation in October 1996, he had a motorcycle accident. He was hospitalized in Iligan City. The cranial CT scan dated November 5, 1996 showed an “epidural hematoma on the left temporal region with an approximate volume of 86 cc or about 3.2 cm”. The ultimate decision of his attending physician was cranial surgery. Money was a problem. So a week later, we checked him out of the hospital.

Rhodel had trouble balancing himself and he had double vision. Two days after arriving home, we applied a charcoal poultice on his head three times a day. After three days of therapy the pricking pain in his head reduced gradually. No drug medication was given to him while undergoing the charcoal treatment. After a week, his body regained balance and his vision improved. Three weeks later, he was restored to his normal energy level.

After 20 days of treatment, we brought him to Cebu City for cranial CT scan. The results were amazing. The cranial CT scan revealed, “ a chronic extracerebral (epidural) hematoma on the left fronto-temporal region with overlying well-aligned temporal bone fracture”. When compared with the previous CT scan done on November 5, 1996, there was a marked diminution now measured 1.8 cm as compared to the previous measurement of about 3.2 cm at its greatest axial diameter”. We continued the charcoal applications for another three weeks to completely remove the remaining hematoma. Rhodel is completely restored to health.

Kidney Stones

Cynthia is 22 years old. She’s single and lives in Davao City. She suffered from a urinary problem. The ultrasound result revealed three stones in the kidney. Her attending physician recommended a kidney operation. She informed her sister about her health problem. 

At this time we were conducting a six-week health seminar in the hometown of her sister. Cynthia’s sister attended the nightly program. She came to us for help. We advised her to let Cynthia come for charcoal treatment as her laboratory requirement in the seminar. Cynthia came. Her sister applied charcoal poultice on the lower portion of her back every night and gave her a charcoal drink three times a day. Four days later, her urine output was increased. After two weeks, she began to feel pain on the lower abdomen especially at early dawn. For several days she felt the pain. But every painful experience was followed by a urine flow with crystal-like particles seen in the bedpan. After four weeks, her urinary problem disappeared. Six months later, she told us that she had no more urinary problem since the time of the actual treatment.

Ovarian Cyst, Uteral 


Ophelia is 45 years old, married, and a professor of Mountain View College. She went to the hospital for an annual physical check-up. The ultrasound results on October 23, 1996 showed chronic pancreatitis. Her enlarged pancreas measured 2.0x1.6 cm. She also had a parenchymal disease in the kidney. The right kidney was small measuring 8.5x3.3 cm. There was a marked dilation of the central sinus echoes with hypochronic areas. There was endometriosis observed in the uterus and cystic teratoma on the left ovary measuring 3.4x2.9 cm and the right ovary measuring 3.0x3.0 cm. The medical suggestion was “left oophorectomy for biopsy and possible hysterectomy”.

Ophelia was not worried about the disorders in her pancreas and kidneys. What worried her so much was her ovary and uterine problems. A month later, she came to us saying that she had foul vaginal secretions. Scheduled for surgery at the close of the school year, she asked us for advice. We suggested applying charcoal poultice every night and taking a charcoal drink three times a day.  

She followed our suggestion. A few weeks later, she came back to us with information that the foul secretions were reduced. She continued applying the charcoal poultice and taking the charcoal drink. Four months after the initial diagnosis, she went to a nearby hospital for check up. The ultrasound results revealed that her “uterus was normal in size, with an intact endometrium”. No masses nor calcifications were noted. Ecopattern was homogenous. Her left kidney showed multiple cystic masses measuring 1.48 cm to 2.27 cm compared with the previous study which measured 3.4x2.9 cm. The impression was adnexa=R/I Physiologic ovarian cyst, versus enlarged ovarian follicles. Suspicious of the result of the recent ultrasound, she continued the routine charcoal treatments and prepared for surgery the following month.

A month after the second check-up, she went to Cebu City for checkup and surgery. The ultrasound reports dated April 11, 1997 showed that the “uterus is anteflexed measuring 9.7x5.8 cm. The endometrial and myometrial echoes are intact. The right ovary is normal in size and appearance. The left adnexa is negative”. Ophelia left for home with great confidence that her health problems were solved by charcoal therapy.

Prostate and Pancreas 


Aurelio, is 44 years old, married, and a farmer from Valencia City, Bukidnon. He submitted himself to a general physical checkup in compliance with the annual physical checkup requirement of his insurance company. The ultrasound results revealed that he had an “abscess in the liver, an enlarged pancreas and an enlarged prostate gland”.

A few weeks after the physical check-up, he came up to the college campus for charcoal therapy. A charcoal poultice was applied over his abdomen down to the groins three times a day and charcoal drinks were given three times a day. After 21 days of treatment, we asked him to go down to the hospital for a repeat ultrasound. The next day he came back with “negative” results. The ultrasound documents were submitted to his insurance company.

Skin Ulcer 

Brother in-law of the City Health Nurse. In 1982 we conducted a four-week Health Leadership Seminar in Ozamis City in coordination with the City Health Officer. The seminar was for the general public but the city mayor ordered all government employees to go to the program. We had over 900 enrolled participants. Assisting me were twelve senior ministerial students observing the presentations.     

On the third night, we presented the basic principles of charcoal remedies. During the open forum towards the close of the evening program, the city health officer stood up and said, “professor, this is not a question, but a request.”  He continued, “the brother-in-law of our city health nurse is sick with severe skin disease from the feet to the abdomen. No more doctors will entertain him here in Ozamis City. He went to Cebu City several times, moving from one doctor to another. The condition is getting worst. Now my request is, would you mind visiting him tomorrow with my nurse?”  

The next day we visited the patient. Oh, the odor was awful. Rotten flesh from his feet to the abdomen. I didn’t know what to do. I was tongue tied. In a moment of silence, I asked God to help me. The wife was wondering why I was so quite. She asked me, "Professor, is there any hope?" I replied, "I can’t give you any word of assurance but let us leave it to the Lord. Now therefore, prepare one can of charcoal powder, one dozen clean empty flour sacks, one dozen 4-inch elastic roller bondages, one dozen big safety pins, one dozen clean plastic sando bags, and one can of guava leaves. When you are ready call me and I will come for the application.  

On that same day, the wife took action. She hired two men to cut all the hardwood trees around the house and made charcoal of it. She purchased all the required materials. Three days after, the nurse told me that the materials were ready. We made charcoal paste and spread it on the center of clean cloths ¼ of an inch thick (for detailed procedure see chapter 6), and applied it to the feet, legs, laps and abdomen. We instructed the wife to prepare boiled water with guava leaves for dressing the next day. The following day we dressed the wound. All dead cells stuck in the poultice clothe. It was so smelly that the nurse had to leave me alone. On the third day of dressing the wound was drying up. On the fourth day, pinkish skin tissues began to develop. On the sixth day there was one small wound left. On the eight day he was completely healed. The following evening the whole family attended the seminar and the husband made public testimony saying, “My healing is a miracle from God.” The Lord was glorified. He experienced healing of the body and soul.

Canker Sore.

A Seminar Participant. (1995) An overseas worker came home to Dadiangas City due to her unsolved oral problem, canker sores. Big sores spread all over her tongue. A dentist applied some liquid but it didn’t help. She went to a specialist, the medication relieved the pain but it didn’t cure. She could not eat well. Just to swallow her own saliva caused her a lot of pain. She was getting thin.  

At this time, we were holding a Health Seminar in the city. On the second night she and her husband attended the meeting. At the close of the evening meeting, the husband asked me if I did home visits. "Sure, I do!" I said. The next day we visited the couple as a part of our daily home visitations. There we saw the real problem. While I was accessing the condition, I asked God for guidance.  

We suggested a charcoal powder solution (1 tablespoonful charcoal powder to ¼ glass of warm water) to be held in her mouth for 10 minutes every hour. After 10 minutes spew the solution out but not to rinse her mouth immediately giving time for the charcoal particles to work. Then, to take steam inhalation using her tea kettle for 25 minutes 3 times a day. Sip the steam through her mouth and exhale through the nose. 

We gave her a pound of activated charcoal powder and offered a word of prayer. She religiously followed the instruction. Towards the end of the first week, she was feeling quite good. On the second week she could eat regular food. Charcoal adsorbed the causative agents of her sore while steam inhalation stimulated the functions of her normal body defense mechanism. Last year (2007) I met her at Loma Linda, California, during the alumni meeting of Mountain View College. She told me that her canker sores seldom come back and surprisingly she said, “My bad breath disappeared. I always have charcoal ready on hand.”

Heart Problem

Joy. (1998) Joy is a close  friend of my daughter-in-law. She graduated in nursing course at Mountain View College, Philippines. For years she could not find employment due to her heart problem. She had difficulty of breathing just in climbing up stairs. She could not walk fast. She was on drug maintenance for years. In 1998, she went up to the college for a vacation. She stayed with us. 

After one week she discussed with us her health problem. We offered her a daily charcoal poultice on the chest but she had to stay a little longer. She consented. So we informed her parents. When we started the application I asked her if she could stop her medication temporarily but take it when needed. The charcoal poultices were applied 5 hours in the morning, 5 hours in the afternoon, and the whole evening. The charco-drinks (2 tablespoons of charcoal powder to a half glass of warm water followed by a glass of clear drinking water) were given early morning and at bedtime. In two weeks time she felt the difference. She could go along without drug medication and increased the speed of her daily walking exercise. At the end of one month she could climb stairs with less difficulty. 

Every week she increased her walking distance and speed. On the fourth week of the second month of applications she was playing tennis. She recovered completely. She got married and later went to Loma Linda, California and stayed with us for about a year.

Food Poisoning.

Mountain View College. One Friday morning in the early 90s, the college cafeteria bought cabbage in Valencia City. The cabbage was packed in a shipping basket from Manila. In the afternoon the cafeteria prepared the cabbage for supper for the students. At 5:00 pm the students enjoyed eating their supper. At 7:30 pm they all went to church for Friday evening worship. After the church service, they were rushing home to their dormitories complaining of abdominal pain, vomiting and loose bowel movement.

The college physician was alerted but the clinic was not prepared to meet the emergency. At 9:00 pm the president sent somebody to Valencia City about 20 kilometers away to buy medicines. It was late in the evening and the pharmacies were closed. About 300 hundred students were affected. To help meet the emergency, we sent charcoal powder to all the dormitories and to the clinic. The cafeteria sent glasses to the dormitories. The students who were not affected assisted in the preparation of  charcoal drinks in double doses. The students quickly prepared the drinks. In two hours the emergency was under control. After 12:00 midnight the medicines arrived. But praise the Lord, the students were safe.

The following morning the college physician looked into the leftover food and fresh cabbage. Laboratory test results showed the presence of formalin.  

  Skin Disease. 

(Charcoal Bath)


A Child in Charcoal Bath. One Christmas vacation we held a two-week health program in Barangay, Guinoyoran. During our day home visitation, we found a child sick with a very fine and itchy skin disease (Kurikong) covering the whole body. The child could hardly sleep at night crying and itching. For more than a month the child did not receive any drug medication. We offered help to the mother. She graciously accepted.  

We prepared a big pail with warm water mixed with a cup of charcoal powder and gave the child a charcoal bath. We submerged the child into the water covering the body for 20 minutes. For the first two applications the child was crying. The treatment was given in the morning and in the afternoon. On the following day we brought some toys and baby treats. We gave him another charcoal bath and a plastic duck. He enjoyed playing with the duck in the water. Later, we gave him something to eat. We finished the charcoal bath with warm water. On the fourth day the child wanted to stay longer in the water. He felt more comfortable. Before the end of our two weeks program, the child was free from all itches.    

Diarrhea and Abdominal Pain 


In 1978 we held a four-week Health Leadership Seminar at Signal Village, Taguig, Metro Manila. The village is thickly populated but there is no Health Center. According to the Barangay Captains about 80 percent of the residence are retired soldiers. I said Barangay Captains because at that time the Village had two Captains, one for military and one for civil. 

The program was coordinated with the Department of Health. The venue was in the auditorium. We had a large number of participants. Per request, we held two sessions, one from 4:00 – 6:00 in the afternoon for night duty participants and one from 7:00 – 9:00 pm for the general public. On the second night we presented the topic “The Principles of Military and Civil Leadership”. There was a great response. Our attendance was increasing every night. From the third night we started introducing Charcoal Remedies, Hydrotherapy, Swedish Massage, Nutrition, Sanitation, and the Eight Natural Remedies integrated with Spiritual Health.

One evening, I received a phone call from one of our participants asking for immediate help. Her husband was in severe abdominal pain with frequent loose bowel movements. My partner and I rushed up to the house with a pound of activated charcoal powder. We decided to apply a charcoal poultice on the abdomen and give charco-drink. My partner prepared a charco-drink and let the husband drink that followed by 2 glasses of water with a pinch of salt to each glass to prevent dehydration. I was also busy preparing the poultice using an old T-shirt and diaper. The poultice was applied over the abdomen. We told the wife that if there was no improvement within one hour, we would have to ask help from the Barangay Captain for a ride to the Hospital. After 20 minutes there was an observable improvement.

The frequency of elimination and pain was reduced. We gave him another dose of charco-drink. In about an hour the pain was under control and the loose bowel movements were almost gone. We gave him a third dose and observed him for another hour before we left for home.  

Typhoid Fever.

The Author. (1995) Coming home from Dadiangas City to prepare for the summer Health Seminar, I got very sick along the way. My body seemed to be steaming with heat. On this trip I forgot my charcoal capsules. I arrived in Valencia past 7:00 pm in the evening. There were no more rides home to the college. So, I went to Valencia Sanitarium and Hospital. I was admitted. Laboratory test results revealed that I had typhoid fever. By the way, this was my first admission for sickness in 57 years.

My fever was going up and down but could not be controlled. I was on antibiotics for two weeks. My attending physician suggested that I should have another dose of antibiotics. Instead, I asked my doctor to discharge me and I would apply charcoal remedies at home. I did not take any drug medication. In the evening my wife applied charcoal poultices over my abdomen and gave me charco-drink. The poultices were applied three times a day, the charco-drink taken every two hours. I refused my regular diet. I was on a fruit diet of avocado, papaya, young coconut, banana, and carrots blended together in a blender. I took just one glass of blended fruit every mealtime.

In three days, my body temperature went down from 40.2ºC to 38ºC. On the fifth day my body temperature was back to normal. The follow-up applications continued for another four days to fully destroy the causative agents.

Bone Injury

The Author. In April 1999, I met with an accident. I was carrying up to the dormitory two big water containers from the drinking water tank near the college alumni church. While I was going up on the concrete steps, my foot slipped down and my neck whip lashed back when my head hit on the cement. The wounds on my forehead and face were treated. But after a few weeks I began to feel something different. When Dr. Leciones, a neurologist, visited the college campus, I took the opportunity of referring it to him. He suggested that I should go to Cebu for a check-up. With permission from the college president, I went to Miller Sanitarium and Hospital.

After two series of X-rays, Drs. Tornilla Sr. and Leciones could not determine the problem. They suggested an MRI. So I had one done on my neck. The result? I had fractures in C3, C4 and C5. Dr. Tornilla invited Dr. W. Briones, a neurologist, to help them study the case. Their recommendation was anterior decompression by discectomy followed by spine fusion. They presented to me two possibilities. To open from the front of my neck or to explore from the back. To open in front might cause a total lost of my voice. To explore from the back was fifty fifty. I would either be a vegetable or die. If that be the case, I said, I would rather die without surgery. Dr. Briones suggested that I should go to Australia for surgery. Dr. Tornilla commented, "If he has to leave the country for surgery, why not send him to Loma Linda Medical Center in California?" They all agreed. Dr. Tornilla sent a radio message to the college president saying, “Force retirement for Pastor Paypa and immediate departure to Loma Linda.” The School Board approved my retirement. So, I processed my denominational and SSS retirements and began gathering documents for the US Embassy.

At the same time I began applying a charcoal poultice around my neck three times a day until I and my wife arrived in California. It took me five weeks to process everything then we left for California. While in the plane I was able to move my neck a little. My sister in Buena Park, brought us to UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. I submitted my medical report and I was subjected to many laboratory tests. X-Ray did not reveal anything. So, I was scheduled for MRI. The result was surprising. Compared with the MRI result in Cebu, my doctor said, "You are fortunate, your fractures are very insignificant, you do not need medical attention." We went home praising the Lord. The question is, "Did the charcoal poultices aid in the recovery of my neck bones? It’s up to you. The fact is that I am well. 

Bone Cancer Pain

Four years ago, I visited the church of Pastor David Recalde in Pasadena, California.  During our fellowship lunch after the morning church service, he mentioned one of his church member who was sick with bone cancer on the right hip. The patient was agonizing with pain and couldn’t sleep. He asked me if I could visit her. The following day we visited her in her home bringing two pounds of activated charcoal.

Oh, by the way I took with me 25 pounds of activated charcoal powder when I went to California. I applied a charcoal poultice on her right hip and instructed the husband to continue the application every five to six hours during the day and overnight. We then prayed for God’s blessing on the charcoal application. Three days after, I received a phone call from the husband expressing joy for the relief experienced by his wife. His wife was no longer suffering with pain and had had a good sleep at night. 

Praise the Lord.