Current Of Evil


       We are all on the same boat headed to perdition, not one is exempt.  Each is facing the rushing high current of snares and worldly sights at every turn and we in our weak sinful state have absolutely no strength to get out of the tidal wave of evil that is over powering us and bringing us to certain destruction.  The only difference is, there are one or two here and there over the world that are accepting all the light that Jesus sheds their way, and take a solid hold upon His powerful hand and do not let go with a 100% obedient trust in His power to save them from the current of sin.  But if a person just touches the hand of Jesus and still hangs on to some, so to speak, small thing on this world, there is no help, the connection is broken.  Most of the time this is an imperceptible experience and the act of separating from Jesus is not discerned and then there is another step taken more boldly, and another, until the person is far from Christ and thinks he is still a follower of Jesus when he has left the Dear Saviour in the dust and he looks like the world and acts like the world.  We need that solid hold on Christ every moment or we will be swept away. We are all battling the devil and are sinners in need of Jesus saving blood.    

     Every word the Lord has spoken is true and none are idle words.  If we do not take heed personally and desperately study to know the requirements for eternal life, and live it, we will suffer the consequences.  The Bible Magnifies the Law.  We will be judged accordingly.  We present to you the Word of God not our words.

     God says if we put the wrong things in our body, He will destroy.  These are some of the things that do ruin to the body.-

Coffee, black and green tea, pop, chocolate, beer,  spices, tobacco, and drugs, etc.     

     If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.

1 Corinthians 3:17 

      If this falls on deaf ears that is entirely up to you but the Lord says to speak whether they will hear or not hear and as for straining at a gnat, every sin, big or little will keep us out of heaven.  It would be terrible to miss eternal bliss for one speck of this wicked world.