The 8 Laws Of Health 2

God’s Prescription:

             GOD’S GIFTS—



     Through nature God has given mankind some very important gifts for maintaining good health—fresh air, sunlight, abstemiousness, rest, exercise, proper diet, water, and trust in Divine Power.  If these gifts are put to use as they should be, it would help solve many of the world’s “health problems.”  In adopting these divinely-appointed principles of correct living, man would be practicing preventive medicine in its highest form, and would also be introducing to a sick world the superlative benefits of creative medicine—which is ten-fold more important than our present-day orthodox practice of “curative medicine.”

     We are living in a progressive age.  The time has long since past when the knowledge of how to care for the body can be retained by the physician alone, or by just a select few—to be withheld or given out as they see fit.  Today, we see a growing demand for literature on the subject of health—literature that will make plain the laws of life, and their fulfillment both easy and desirable.  All the rich treasures of earth and sky have been bestowed upon man as a free gift; and if properly utilized will maintain a “healthy body.”


     Ask yourself if you have any of these symptoms: chronic fatigue, poor posture, digestive disorders, soft protruding abdominal wall, poor sleep, overweight or breathlessness from slight exertion.  These problems can be the results of unfitness, and can lead to more serious ailments.

     While all the essentials of life must be included in any life regime, most of us give ourselves short shrift in two areas—we violate our biologically correct dietary of natural foods, eating too much fat, sugar and protein instead; and we aren’t as vigorously active as we should be.

     Regular exercise is so important.  A longstanding inactive body becomes sluggish.  Bodily functions are greatly impaired and reduced.

     Reasonable vigorous exercise builds up the energy reserve our bodies need now more than ever in today’s fast-paced living.  Taking appropriate and sufficient exercise daily keeps that energy reserve at it’s peak.  The key to maintaining energy and maximum health is your blood circulation, both arterial and capillary.  Without exercise, circulatory fitness is not possible.

     Studies show that at age 25 blood flow has decreased 40% and decreases 60% by age 35.  From an energy-level standpoint, then, the average American is middle aged at 26 and all because far too many of us are sitter.

     Regular exercise, then, provides us with a stronger heart and lungs, increased metabolism, better digestion, good sound sleep, the elimination of a multitude of physical ailments and especially with the energy to overcome stress.

     To be of any real value, your exercise should be performed three to four times a week.  Mornings are the best time to engage in you physical activity and when your body needs it the most.  Walking is an excellent form of exercise and can easily be fit into one’s schedule.


     Today, in America, we have a whole new generation that has been brought up on junk food meals consisting of hamburgers, cokes, candy bars, fried foods,, etc.  This diet has not only formed habits of an inadequate dietary, but it has taken away the liking for natural foods which are so essential to body growth and healthy organs.  Consequently, we are seeing diseases much more precedent even among the very young now; babies are being born with more and more deformities.  These new eating habits have taken their toll on whole nations, and diseases are now accepted as a normal part of life. 

     The Superiority of Plant Foods: All animal products have certain negative features which make their dietary use questionable.  Consider, the effect animal foods have upon protein consumption.  Even modest use of meat, fish, and dairy foods ten to create a protein overload, and this is one of the most dangerous dietary excesses.  Research has shown that high-protein diets actually promote aging and early degeneration.  Too much protein exerts a tremendous burden upon the liver and kidneys.

     Animal products are loaded with the worst kind of fat-saturated, cholesterol-laden animal fat.  Consider also that animal products tend to be reservoirs for pesticides, herbicides, and various other drugs and inorganic contaminants, there are many good reasons for avoid using them and replacing them with plant foods that are superior.

     The Superiority of Whole Foods:  The fact that whole natural foods are superior to refined foods such as white sugar, white flour, polished rice, is well known.  Processing of whole foods incurs drastic nutrient losses as a result of heat, oxidation, chemical, etc.  Only whole natural foods contain the amount and proportions of nutrients that the body requires.

     The Superiority of Live Foods:  Although some foods seem to be rendered more digestible by cooking, it is a fact that most foods are rendered less digestible.

     Cooking causes a great loss of the soluble minerals and vitamins in foods.  Cooking not only lowers the vitamin content of foods, it also modifies vitamin ratios, which area very important feature of whole foods.  Cooking softens vegetable fibers, which may hamper intestinal motility and promote fermentation and putrefaction.  Heated fats and oils have been shown by countless experiments, to be highly carcinogenic.  On the basis of these considerations and others, a natural diet should consist of more fresh (live) fruits and vegetables.  Eat more salads and raw vegetables with your main meal and eat more fresh fruits perhaps at breakfast time.  You will see a big improvement in your health.


     Water is need both internally and externally.  All our tissue, all the vial fluids and all the secretions of the body contain a large percentage of water.  In fact, the average adult is composed of almost 75% fluid.  That’s more water than the total of all other substances in the body!  Our body’s water is obtained from the fluids we drink.

     It has been estimated that the average person living to be 75 years old will drink 20, 000 gallons of water!

     The fluids in our body are true life-keepers and can be likened unto an ocean in which literally trillions of cells, themselves largely water, are immersed.  In addition, this same system is responsible for carrying away our wastes, such as nitrogen, unusable minerals and other toxic substances.

     The body needs water for the proper functioning of its glandular system.  The salivary glands in the mouth and the glands in the tongue help prepare food for digestion and keep the mouth moist.

     All the vital processes of the body take place in a watery solution.  Digestion, circulation, assimilation, elimination could not take place without the presence of water.

     If this water remained in the body, there would be no great need for further supply, but as it is the body is constantly losing its water content in the ordinary processes of life.  It therefore becomes self-evident that any program of living conducive to health, must take into account the body’s constant need of water.

     Water, if used in accordance with the dictates of nature is of great value in regaining and maintaining health.  If it is abused, it is the cause of disease and sickness.

     Water is, more than any other substance, the essence of life—another special blessing from God.  Let’s not abuse this natural law.


     Of all the 8 natural health laws, this law should be the most sacredly cherished, for our every breath, our good health, and the essence of all healing comes from the Creator.

     It is recognized by Christians that man—formed in the “image” of his Maker, was the crowning work of creation.  Not only has the Creator endowed man with a “god-like” body; but He has also given him a mind capable of comprehending and putting to use the natural resources for health and healing that have been so generously placed at his disposal.

     Nature is God’s physician.  The pure air, the glad sunshine, the beautiful flowers and trees, the orchards and vineyards, and outdoor exercise amid these surroundings, are health-giving—the elixir of LIFE!

     How eager we all should be to search out and accept whole heartedly every ray of light that a beneficent Creator has given us on the subject of HEALTH.  How trusting we should become of His Divine Power.  How earnest should be our efforts to make use of all the natural treasures that He has made available to us.

     All of God’s creation, except man on this fallen world, trusts in God completely.  The planets and their suns orbit orderly in space, rotating at enormous speeds on their axis while racing along in their lines of travel.  Solomon says the flowers do not worry, yet they bloom.  The animals hunt their food, but it is God’s hand that sends them their fare.

     Perhaps we have been trained to be independent and put our faith and trust in ourselves, to work out our own salvation.  But we have the assurance from God that if we look to Him for our strength, He will help us through all our daily affairs.  To be dependable is a good quality, but to trust to one’s self takes the glory away from God.  Only God knows the end from the beginning, only He alone knows what is best for us.  Lean on Him and trust Him only to care for you.  If you are sick depend on Him to heal you if it is His will.  And have faith in His seven other natural laws that He has so graciously given to all mankind.

     We are God’s property; we are God’s workmanship.  Man is the crowning act of the creation of God, made in His image and designed to be a counterpart of Himself.  He wants us to reflect His image by being in good health.  By keeping our bodies in the best of health we will be better able to serve Him and mankind.  TRUST IN THE DIVINE POWER!


1    Pure Air

2    Sunlight

3    Abstemiousness

4    Rest

5    Exercise

6    Proper  Diet

7    Use Of Water

8    Trust In Divine Power

“Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, of whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.”

1 Corinthians 10:31

Katy Chamberlin