My Journey For Jesus




     It was about twelve years after being baptized in 1977 that I heard about our incredible health message. I had become a vegetarian when I joined the church, but did not understand how much more there was to learn. Giving up meat was one thing, but I still used some processed foods, sometimes eating cakes, pies, ice cream, chocolate, cheese and many other “so called” tasty treats. I had no idea about the laws of health.  

     Accompanied by my husband Peter, we attended some Country Living Seminars run by some dedicated Seventh-day Adventist folk. Some of these people had started up simple health clinics where they were helping people with lifestyle changes and natural remedies. This is when we learned about the Adventist health message. Immediately we became vegan vegetarians. Leaving behind all the little indulgences, we started to eat whole plant foods, avoiding refined foods and all unhealthy fats. Cheese was very hard to let go for my German born husband. I became fascinated with this totally new way of preparing food, reading as much as I could about natural health and healing. There was so much to learn. Choosing to eat only two meals each day and experiencing the benefits, we have done this ever since. Peter encouraged me that if I was really interested in learning about this, I needed to take a course and get some specific training. There being no such training available in the area I live in, Australia, created some difficulty. So, unable to train at an institution, I searched for a correspondence course, which on completion, enabled me to become a Christian natural health instructor.

     It was not long after that I rallied some of the members of my small church, and we began to teach the eight laws of health while running vegan vegetarian cooking programs in our community. I have been teaching these for many years now, and they have developed into a program I call Natural Home Remedy classes which have become quite popular. We show how poultices can act in so many different ways by using simple things like potato, charcoal, cabbage, onions, garlic, comfrey and slippery elm, to help heal many of their health problems.

     One lady was excited when, after coming to our class, she used a potato poultice to heal a leg ulcer on her neighbor’s elderly mother. Usually leg ulcers are hard to heal, but with persistence, as well as alternating different poultices, it healed in about four months. People love to be shown simple remedies for common ailments like coughs, asthma, bronchitis and earache. One man tried the cayenne poultice on his gout and was healed after three applications. The class is shown how to break up tumors and cysts using castor oil. The poultice session always amazes people. They cannot believe that such simple remedies actually work. I have countless testimonies of people who have used these remedies and have been helped by them.  

     As these programs were being shared I realized that a newsletter was needed to advise the folk when additional programs would be running. So, the Back to Eden Health Newsletter was started with the aim of sharing this wonderful health message, educating people, sharing healthy recipes (I have published my own recipe book), providing information and suggesting ways to improve their health. The quarterly newsletter is primarily designed for those starting out on their new lifestyle journey. 

     This program grew and people began to call, asking me to share in their communities. More ideas were sought after and different programs have been developed. With such an interest in poultices, more have been added—bentonite clay, aloe vera, honey, epsom salts, coconut oil, skin brushing, olive oil and honey and more. Sharing the testimonies of those who have used these remedies makes it easy to interweave into the presentation how God has placed healing properties in many of these simple remedies. As they are used by faith, He blesses them. 

     Another interest began and I became very interested in the use of herbs, so I enrolled in Dr. Christopher’s School of Health, obtaining the Nutritional Herbologist Certificate. It is such a pleasure to share with others how simple garden weeds can be used to supplement health, taken either internally or used as poultices. God has placed healing properties in many simple garden herbs and others that grow wild. We have shown many how to make green drinks using edible green plants or weeds from their garden, which are simple and inexpensive yet very healthy. 

     Other classes are conducted for bread making, how to make sprouts and kefir, ointments and oils while introducing the health laws from the Bible. This involves how we, as Seventh-day Adventists, have been given a health message, and science is now validating what we have been teaching for over 150 years.  

     Another program that remains very popular is teaching how to use simple hydrotherapy treatments for conditions such as migraines, pleurisy, period pains and insomnia, to mention just a few. One very impressive treatment is the hot and cold fomentations on the back to relieve severe back pain. We have some incredible experiences of people with debilitating back pain who, after being treated, the pain is either lessened considerably or relieved completely.   

     What an incredible health message we have. I have a burden to share this with others, because I know many Seventh-day Adventists do not realize or appreciate the wonderful health message we have. It is so much more than just becoming a vegetarian. God has given us this message so that we all can become home medical missionaries and help to relieve pain and suffering in those around us. I want to encourage people to start where they are. God has placed all of us in circumstances that are unique to ourselves. We all need to know and become competent in using these remedies on our families and ourselves and then share them with neighbors and friends. The sick and suffering are everywhere. God calls us to start sharing what we know. I have experienced how He takes us as we are and increases our talents as we use what we have. 

     Some think that one day a cure will be found for cancer and disease. They are looking for an elusive discovery and think this will end their health problems. They do not realize that God has already given the cure to us—we call them the eight laws of health. I love the counsel God has given our church through Ellen White.  Yet some seem to think that keeping these laws of health are optional. The more I study and learn about our health message, the more I am convicted that we will be blessed with good health if we follow it very carefully. God wants those who are waiting for the Lord’s return to be health reformers. “Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.” III John 1:2 NKJV. 

     I know God has blessed during these years. Currently I am involved in teaching a weekly class for a group of about fifteen, one cooking program a month, plus other special programs when I am invited. Has this been easy? Not always. For many of these programs I must do most of the advertising and organizing as well as speaking. Sometimes a few friends and my husband will help. Why do I continue? I am doing it for Christ, and He has asked us to share what we know with others.

     We have all been given a commission. “And we should teach others how to preserve and to recover health. For the sick we should use the remedies, which God has provided in nature, and we should point them to Him who alone can restore. It is our work to present the sick and suffering to Christ in the arms of our faith. We should teach them to believe in the Great Healer. We should lay hold on His promise, and pray for the manifestation of His power. The very essence of the gospel is restoration, and the Saviour would have us bid the sick, the hopeless, and the afflicted take hold upon His strength.” The Desire of Ages, 824. 

     “The Lord has a work for women as well as for men. They may take their places in His work at this crisis, and He will work through them. If they are imbued with a sense of their duty, and labor under the influence of the Holy Spirit, they will have just the self-possession required for this time. The Saviour will reflect upon these self-sacrificing women the light of His countenance, and will give them a power that exceeds that of men. They can do in families a work that men cannot do, a work that reaches the inner life. They can come close to the hearts of those whom men cannot reach. Their labor is needed.” (Emphasis supplied.) Welfare Ministry, 145.

Kaye Sehm