So how can we be victorious over the dreaded cancer when every day so many are dying of this plaguing onslaught.  We are all hoping it will not come near us or our family and oh what a feeling when it does.

      Maybe you know someone who would be of need of help in this area.  Many people have overcome cancer by following these natural doctors.  These are some steps to follow if cancer is a problem and most other sicknesses would also benefit by these rules.


·      Settle it in your mind you are going to follow the plan, wavering won’t do.


·      Get as much sunshine as you can without over exposure and lots of fresh air.


·      Exercise for 30 or more minutes every day walking.


·      Abstain totally from tea, coffee, alcohol, tobacco, and drugs.


·      For three days eat fresh grapes with seeds and drink unsweetened grape juice.


·      If you have a juicer use fresh fruit and fresh vegetable juices.


·      Eat only fresh fruit and fresh vegetables.


·      Drink eight or more glasses of water daily.


·      Morning bath for 30 minutes and evening bath for 30 minutes.


·      Things that cancer loves are meat, dairy, eggs, spices, sugar, fats, refined foods and junk food and pop.  Avoid these completely.


·      When you are better add whole grains and raw nuts and sunflower seeds.


·      Regularity is so vital with five hours between meals.


·      Continue with three days of each week with fresh grapes and grape juice until no trace of cancer is seen.


·      Include daily for ten days one teaspoon of pure powdered activated charcoal morning and evening.


·      Trust in Divine power with continual communication with heaven.  This is where strength and power and healing are obtained when obeying the Lord.


·      We have to keep to the diet of the Lord so we do not feed the cancer and have it start growing again.


·      Daily Praise the Lord much for His greatness.  He keeps our heart beating for so many years.